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The PDM story, sort of, begins at General Electric during 2008 – 2013. Jake Ring was the General Manager of GE’s Critical Power group and technically astute in power infrastructure. While Francis Sheng was a Finance Manager in the Capital Markets group with a growing network of international industrial suppliers and investors. 

While their paths didn’t cross while at GE (it’s a big company) the expertise they honed while there was the perfect foundation–a shared business philosophy and executive training experiencefor Ring and Sheng to eventually collaborate.


Fast forward to 2021 (well after the unfortunate dismantling of GE) when our co-founders’ paths crossed. Francis was contacted by investors within his network to build a data center and the first person he called was Jake. That first collaboration, a 35 megawatt private data center hosting campus, became the backbone of the Power and Data Management company.

Today, PDM offers products–dry-type transformers, padmount transformers, data center containers–and the professional services required to fill the power infrastructure gap in today’s market. Contact us today with your power and data needs.

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